Founder of Aikido
Morihei Ueshiba (O'sensei)

合   ΑΙ: harmony
気   ΚΙ : universal energy, life energy
道   DO: path

     The three characters combined roughly mean: "To live according to the harmony of the universe". From the name given we can understand that AIKIDO is an art that is driven by deep spiritual ideals kai goals and not yet another way of self defence. It is a martial art that was created by the teacher Morihei Ueshiba (O'sensei) who despite his advanced technical prowess, he questioned the worth of an art based on victory over other people and instead focused on one's victory of his own self. For O'sensei, the true path of a martial artist is a work of love. Aikido is an expression of this understanding which represents the arts' core.


     Aikido practitioners work together, they don't antagonise and they don't fight. Nevertheless practical examples are demonstrated. Oral speech is limited for the purpose of developing concentration and observational skills. Respect, discipline and courtesy are powerfull tools in the practice of aikido.


     The technical base of aikido is comprised of immobilisation techniques, throws and grips in order to control the attackers' body. Furthermore students learn the basic principles of engagement like distance control, timing and balance. Aikido develops and improves our body's fitness , endurance, strength, reflexes, agility, breathing and posture.

     Moreover, through the practice of aikido one can gain unique body abilities such us the absorption and redirection of one's power.

     By using the training method of aikido and cooperating we learn how to deal with weaknesses, fears and insecurities by developing our self esteem.

     Through long term practice we can gradually conquer deeper values like respect towards ourself and others, psychosomatic balance, inner strength, relaxed body state, clarity of mind, concentration and a broadened conciousness.