Wing Tsoun Kung Fu

Yip Man

     Wing Tsoun Kung Fu is a chinese martial art. It was created by a woman, the Buddhist nun called Ng Mui in the middle of the 18th century. Ng Mui had a student called Yim Wing Chun. The name Wing Tsoun means "Eternal spring" or "Hope for the future". Its system became famous from grandmaster Yip Man. It focuses on relaxed body state and simultaneous defensive and attacking moves. The moves are simple, short and direct and their purpose is to consume as less energy as possible and to take advantage (through the relaxed body state) of the opponents' energy. Through constant training cerebral functions are hightened and through the repetitive performing of the forms one can achieve better health in body and spirit.

This class is under the technical direction and supervision of Wing Tsoun Petralonon school and the teachers in charge of the examinations are sifu Vasilis Karavitis and sifu Adriani Skliami.